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Islamic Law
Maqasid Shariah
Case Study

:: In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind ::



Topic Area :

Fiqh and Islamic Law (Shari'ah).

Research Topic :

Shariah Law Revisited - Its Relevance in the Modern Society and the Roles of Ijtihad in Protection and Preservation of the Ummah.

Research Question :

Is it possible for the method of Ijtihad to open new means to find solutions to the Modern Societies’ conflicting interest without sacrificing the Islamic core principles and values?



In the project, instead of coming up with new findings and data, I will make use of some of the IIIT and other publishers books, journals and papers on the area that I will be researching on. Also, given only five weeks to complete the project, it will be more feasible to take this approach of researching and citing existing resources to find answers to the research question. The paper will start with defining some of the popular terms in Fiqh and Islamic Law. Then, the key ideas in fiqh, Islamic law and its sources will be elaborated. Next, the paper will go in depth to research and comment on the roles of Ijtihad in the modern society and how it could help in finding a balance in today’s modern and secular world.  The paper will conclude with my finding on the roles of Ijtihad in the society and my finding on its relevance in opening new means to alleviate the increasing conflicts of different interests in the modern society. The paper will be presented in a website format.


Definitions of general terms : [1]

Shariah : The revelation that Muhammad ( Pbuh) had received and made practicing in the message and mission of his life, e.i., the Quran and the Prophetic tradition.

Fiqh : The huge collection of juridical opinions that were given by various jurists from various school of thought, in regards to the application of the shariah to their various real life situations throughout the past fourteen centuries.

Fatwa: The application of shariah or fiqh to Muslims’ real life today.


“My opinion is right with the possibility of being wrong, whereas my colleague’s opinion is wrong with the possibility of being right”

– Imam al-Shafi’e


[1] Auda, Jasser. Maqasid Al-Shariah As Philosophy of Islamic Law: A System Approach. UK: International Institute of Islamic Thought, 2008.

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