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Islamic Law
Maqasid Shariah
Case Study


In the paper, instead of coming up with new findings and data, I will make use of some of the IIIT and other publishers books, journals and papers on the area that I will be researching on. Also, given only five more weeks to complete the paper, it will be more feasible to take this approach of researching and citing existing resources to find answers to the research question. The paper will start with defining some of the popular terms in Fiqh and Islamic Law. Then, the methods of approaching the major sources of Fiqh and Islamic Law will be elaborated. Next, the paper will go in depth to research and comment on the roles of Ijtihad in the modern society and how it could help in finding a balance in today’s modern and secular world. Before concluding the research, a case study will be developed and elaborated. As for my interest, I will choose the Islamically ethical way of daily interactions between male and female as the case study to be elaborated in the context of Ijtihad and Islamic law. The paper will conclude with my finding on the roles of Ijtihad in the society and my finding on its relevance in opening new means to alleviate the increasing conflicts of different interests in the modern society. The paper will be presented in a website format.


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