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What is Hadith and Sunnah?

Hadiths are regarded as a narration on the Sunnah (lived example) of Muhammad. 

M.M. Azami formally defines "hadith" as follows:

"According to Muhaddithiin [scholars of hadith] it stands for 'what was transmitted on the authority of the Prophet, his deeds, sayings, tacit approval, or description of his sifaat (features) meaning his physical appearance. However, physical appearance of the Prophet is not included in the definition used by the jurists.' "

"Thus hadith literature means the literature which consists of the narrations of the life of the Prophet and the things approved by him. However, the term was used sometimes in much broader sense to cover the narrations about the Companions [of the Prophet] and Successors [to the Companions] as well."

M. M. Azami, "Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature."  Quoted in "Sunnah and Hadith," at:


Uloom al Hadith- Preservation of the Sunnah

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